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Thursday, February 10, 2011

A New Love Affair

I would like to announce my new website is now LIVE!!!! Please go check it out, tell me what you think!
Sunday Grant Photography
The long awaited day has finally arrived. The UPS man even came earlier that morning. He came bearing gifts. Gifts I have waited for a long long time. He brought my iPhone!
Verizon has not had the iPhone until just now, and I got in on an early release. I sold my brand new iPod touch to for this all in one beauty! I know it will serve me well as I am out and about photographing. It will help lead the way with GPS, allow me to check e-mails, and maybe every once in a send a tweet or a status update.
What apps do you love on your iPhone or iPod? What ones are good for photographers to have?
I would love to hear the reasons why you love you iPhone or smart phone!

Nothing compares to Apple's packaging and branding. I love how sleek and streamlined they are with all of their products!
Apple for life.


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